Statement on the violently dispersed demonstrations since March 23rd 2015 and the arrests of many Ezidian activists for human rights and politicians by Kurdish security forces in Iraq.

Recent events in the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan / Iraq represenT a new peak of violence against Ezidian activists for human rights and politicians. On March 23rd 2015 Ezidan activists for human rights belonging to the group “Initiative for Ezidis around the World!” had organized demonstrations in several places in northern Iraq for more human rights and better conditions for Ezidis. They were expressing their solidarity with the Demonstration which was taking place at the same time in Brussels.

Almost all demonstrations in the autonomous region of Kurdistan were defeated by the security forces and they arrested several activists. Many people  were injured .

Barzani’s Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) fights against critics with extreme violence, as in other totalitarian systems, not only in Iraq but also in Europe. Even wearing the Ezidian flag on one’s shirt in Iraqi Kurdistan is a reason enough for flogging and imprisonment, as the recent case of the Ezidian resistance fighter Zia Elias shows. There are numerous Ezidian activists without a fair trial in Kurdish prisons.

The arrest of the critical Ezidian activist for human rights Khairy Ali Ibrahim on  APRIL 4TH 2015 emphasizes the systematic repression of freedom of expression and the intimidation of critics by PDK members. Not only the critics at home and abroad, but also their families have been and are still threatened by the Kurdish side with death. Many activists , such as Dakhil Osman, Heci Qeyrani and Berekat Isa, have fled abroad in fear for their lives.

Even here in Europe Ezidian activists have been threatened with death by PDK members .

The arrest and torture of Haidar Shescho, the symbol of Ezidi resistance against the Islamic State, on 05 April 2015, represents a further step  in the repression of  Ezidis by the Kurdish Autonomous Government and its President Mazud Barzani.

We call on Barzani’s government and  Kurdistan Democratic Party ( PDK) for :

  • the immediate release of all political prisoners;
  • compliance with the freedom of expression, human rights and democratic values;
  • THE protection of religious and ethnic minorities;
  • THE protection of journalists;
  • protection and better conditions for Ezidian refugees.

and we call on the Western community to demand an immediate stop to Barzani’s and his PDK’s violent politics against Ezidian politicians and activists.

Some of the many names of human rights activists and politicians in Kurdish prisons:

  • Salem Barkat Ketscho
  • Diah Alias Semo
  • Riad Kheder Saboh
  • Khalid Kassem Kheder
  • Ibrahim Havend
  • Salim Barker
  • Zeed Haji Khalaf
  • Joqi Amar Haji
  • Azhar Khedr Abdal
  • Hawas Nawas Saiah
  • Said Hassan Hescho
  • Sadi Rascho Hajj
  • Kamel Khudida Bakir
  • Murad Auso Jerdo
  • Dakhil Alias Suliaman
  • Hadi Suliaman Bakir
  • Aiman Khalaf Qassim
  • Fauzan David Murad
  • Murad Hassen Saido
  • Amar Ibrahim Haji
  • Ziad Barkat Kernus
  • Schivan Gaboh Yousif
  • One of Hassan Alias
  • Ziad Khero

Eziden Weltweit e. V. – Initiative for Ezidis around the World